Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How Nissan is Saving Money & Energy...

Charged with reducing overall energy consumption by 25% in 10 years, Nissan looked to ultrasound as the tool to accomplish this. For just about a year now they have been utilizing our UP 3,000's at their North American facilities to assist with a comprehensive compressed air leak detection program

They frame this as a move to protect the environment and have deployed an “Air Leak Detection Squad” at each plant to help meet this goal. They thought enough of the project to produce a video describing their program.  We have to offer special recognition to Jason Watkins, Safety Coordinator of their Smyrna, TN facility for being featured in this video using the Ultraprobe 3,000. You can view the video by clicking here

It’s no secret that Compressed Air is a facility’s most expensive utility. Monitoring your compressed air usage and checking for and repairing leak can provide a fast return on investment and continues to pay back many times over as long as the program exists. The US Department of Energy has stated that over 1/3 of compressed air produced in the US is lost to leaks totaling billions of lost dollars. In addition, compressed air leaks add to a plant’s carbon footprint. Our Compressed Gas LeakSurvey report can demonstrate a reduction of greenhouse gases and can also calculate cost savings and CFM loss.  If you already have a compressed air survey program in place, congratulations, if you are among those that haven’t started yet, what are you waiting for? 

Alan Bandes