Thursday, June 28, 2012

Real Life Equipment Criticality Assessment

I’ve toured a number of facilities during my time in the maintenance and reliability community and whether they were making carpet, testing military equipment, building airplanes, treating waste water, or printing newspapers, there were always common themes that tied them all together.  One of those was the idea of ranking their equipment so that the right work could be performed at the right time on the right piece of equipment. 

Now, this concept of ranking equipment certainly made sense to me in theory, but having never worked in a waste water treatment facility (bless those that do!) or any other facility for that matter, I’d yet to have practical experience with the process.  That is, until today. 

I’ve got a golf tournament coming up that has a pretty significant twist to it – I can only bring 4 clubs with me.  Yeah, I did a double take too when I saw the format.  Being used to having a bag equipped with the maximum of 14 clubs, I’m now faced with the challenge of determining which 4 to take and which 10 will sit on the bench.  Good thing I know a little bit about equipment criticality assessments!

After much deliberation and a few shocking revelations about my game (I waste over 40% of my strokes on my putts?!) I settled on the following:

*4 Hybrid: A great multi-tasker that will take the place of my driver (I realized there are at least 9 holes that I don’t need to use my driver on, and the rest I can make do with the distance I get from this club) and it is also my “get out of jail” free club when I find myself in the rough (which is more often than I’d like!)
*Putter: At first I thought I could make do with the flat surface of my hybrid, but after realizing that I average 2 putts per hole I decided the accuracy of my putter is too critical to leave behind.
*Pitching wedge: In the debate between a sand and pitching wedge, the pitching wedge won out with its ability to mimic my sand wedge’s chip and sand shots but it has the added value of being able to hit 115 yard approach shots.
*8 iron: I recognized the need for at least one iron in my bag and this is my most reliable iron and will be able to fill the gap between my hybrid and my pitching wedge. 

Of course ranking my equipment and making these decisions is one thing.  How they perform and more importantly how I (the user) perform on tournament day is all that really matters.  So, I suppose it’s time to get out there, practice, make notes about the equipment, and continue to assess whether my rankings are accurate, understanding that the conditions faced might change the whole thing.
To learn more about Equipment Criticality Assessments and how you can put these practices to work at your facility (or on the golf course) join us for a complimentary webinar, presented by Terry Harris of Reliable Process Solutions, on July 12 at 1:00 p.m. est.  Click here to learn more and to register!

Maureen Gribble


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