Thursday, May 10, 2012

What comes first? Profit or safety?

What an amazing experience it was volunteering at the 2nd Annual USA Science & Engineering Festival.  The entire Washington DC Convention Center  was taken over by enthusiastic kids of all ages and organizations eager to educate and inspire! 

Demonstrating ultrasonic technologies with our UP 15,000

This kid is might be a future Certified Maintenance & Reliability Engineer!

Ultrasound demos drew quite a crowd!

UE Systems was proud to be a part of SMRP’s exhibit and we were happy to meet new friends from Soltec Corporation who provided an infrared camera that drew quite a crowd. 

We had our Ultraprobe 15,000 on hand for kids (and curious parents) to test out and in explaining why our equipment (and M&R for that matter) is important, I always stated that “our technology and the principles behind implementing M&R in a facility are designed to keep equipment working and to keep equipment and the people running it safe.” 

I’ve never doubted that safety was one of the most important aspects of what we do in the reliability community; however I had someone question why I wasn’t touting “profit” as the key element.  In a longer explanation about what we do, I’m confident the words “increased profit” would come across my lips, but I think what was more surprising to the person who asked was that “safety” doesn’t always come across his. 

So where do you rank safety in the long list of benefits of an M&R program? 

For me, I go back to what I learned as a kid, “safety first!” 

Maureen Gribble

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