Friday, March 16, 2012

Go Green with Equipment Reliability

We often hear about the benefits of equipment reliability as it relates to reduced downtime, safety, and cost efficiencies, however more and more we are learning that a real hidden asset here is the ability to conserve energy and thus aid a company in its efforts to be more environmentally responsible and at the same time more profitable. 

Browse through today’s newspaper, or yesterday’s newspaper for that matter, peruse the magazine stand at the grocery store, and check out what’s trending on Twitter and you’re bound to find numerous references to “energy conservation,” “environmental responsibility,” and “go green!”  Though that last one could have more to do with the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday. 

All joking aside, it’s no surprise that in this day and age, you’d have to have been living under a rock to not realize that we all have a responsibility to ensure the sustainability of our environment.  It’s easy to know what we should be doing in our day to day lives, recycle, carpool, ride bikes, etc. etc. but there really is a lot more that can be done, and it can save the environment and save your company money. 

At Ultrasound World conference this coming May, reliability gurus, Chris Colson and Doug Plucknette, both of
Allied Reliability and GPAllied, have  a very relevant and timely presentation. They will discuss “How equipment reliability delivers low cost, energy efficient assets at plants around the world.”  To learn more, check out our conference website here and make plans to join us!

You can also check out the book that Chris and Doug wrote, called “Clean, Green & Reliable,” here.

-Maureen Gribble


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